Solar Mountain installation could power Burning Man with clean energy

Burning Man is an annual music and arts event that attracts a lot of creative, expressive, and entrepreneurial individuals. However, because of its expansive desert setting, visitors tend to use a lot of motorized fossil-fuel vehicles to navigate their way around, while several displays require the use of generators.

Mumbai architecture firm NUDES wants to address this by proposing a permanent installation called Solar Mountain. Solar Mountain has been designed to power the entire 3,800-acre ranch of Burning Man with 300 MWh of solar power.

Not only will the design provide a completely renewable energy source, but it will be aesthetically striking. A multitude of solar panels will extend from the structure, creating a curving peak resembling natural mountains. The panels that spread outward will create a partially covered walkway for visitors who want to get a closer look at the stunning energy source.

Solar Mountain will be constructed with recycled wood and other eco-friendly materials. The architects intend for it to not just be a source of clean energy for the event, but for visitors to interact with it and use it as a community center.

NUDES hopes that their contribution to the annual event will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Burning Man and that other festivals will also be inspired to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices.

Source Image: NUDES

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