Today’s Solutions: June 30, 2022

Welcome to World Unity Week! We’re collaborating with other change-making organizations around the world to promote healing, community, and discussion. Each day, we will be featuring one of the many great events happening this week, and we encourage you to head over to the World Unity Week website to learn more.

Yesterday, we shared a few of the valuable lessons we can learn from Indigenous wisdom keepers and much of this revolves around reconnecting with nature as a species. Today’s featured Unity Earth Week event also dives into Indigenous wisdom and how the values of sustainability, spirituality, and connection with nature can help heal a climate change-affected world. 

This two-hour event is hosted by famous anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall and Indigenous leader Chief Phil Lane Jr. Their conversation will touch on the role of Indigenous communities as climate stewards, how Indigenous wisdom can enhance our cohesion with the natural world, and how Indigenous marginalization and environmental harm are deeply intertwined. 

Dr. Jane Goodall has spent 60 years studying conservation and sustainability. Her famous work with the chimpanzees of Tanzania opened our eyes to the lives of our closest species relatives and inspired people all around the globe to cherish the value of all living things on this planet we share. 

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is the founder and chairman of the Four World’s International Institute. He is a member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and holds master’s degrees in education at National University and public administration at the University of Washington. He has worked with Indigenous communities all around the world to empower Indigenous people and uplift Indigenous voices. 

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