Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2021

An average person creates 100 to 150 watts of power while riding a stationary bike. That energy, however, usually remains untapped, causing users to miss out on a great opportunity to generate their own green electricity. In fact, by harnessing the biomechanical power generated by a stationary bike, one could produce enough energy to run the lights in a 300-square-foot space for an entire day.

That’s exactly what WZMH Architects had on their mind when they designed mySUN, a microgrid in a box that acts like a personal green energy-producing machine. Combined with a few solar panels and the power of human movement, mySUN can generate enough energy to power LED lighting, mobile devices, heating systems, air conditioning units, and more.

The solar-powered design uses a plug-and-play system. It works with a stationary bike, enabling users to harness the energy they themselves generate while exercising and then store that energy into batteries integrated within the device.

“Think of the mySUN box as your own personal and portable green energy producing utility. It is a low-voltage, direct current device, making connectivity to a DC microgrid very simple,” says Zenon Radewych, Principal at WZMH.

Because the mySUN box is so compact, it can be installed right into the walls of apartments, conveniently creating power for individual units. The designers envision the microgrid as a green energy solution that could help power entire communities.

“The mySUN can be integrated into a community of buildings that are DC-based, all feeding from the same DC microgrid,” says Radewych. “Green energy is then created through the use of solar panels, wind turbines, or energy bikes, and is stored in battery packs that are part of mySUN. Instead of large and complex electrical plants in buildings, hundreds or thousands of mySUN units can share energy with multiple users through a DC microgrid.”

Image source: WZMH Architects

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