Today’s Solutions: September 27, 2023

The pandemic has brought financial hardships upon students in the US, leaving many unable to continue their studies because of a lack of funds to pay their tuition fees. We’ve previously written about the efforts of some colleges across the US to make things easier for struggling students by either canceling student debt or slashing tuition fees, but Clinton College is going one step further.

Clinton College — a small historically Black college in South Carolina — was among the colleges that decided to help its students by halving their tuition fees. Now, the institution has taken the initiative to offer all full-time students free tuition for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year.

The college hopes to help its student get a college education despite the financial struggles created by COVID-19.

Each full-time student will also get a free Microsoft Surface laptop, said Clinton College President Lester McCorn. “We want to make sure you can perform with excellence without excuse,” he said.

As reported by NBC News, Clinton College, which has operated continuously for 120 years, was one of many schools established with the intention to help eradicate illiteracy among freedmen. The school is among a wave of smaller schools around the state offering free tuition to students during the pandemic.

Image source: Clinton College

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