Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

Following the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, your child may be asking some questions about what exactly the UN is and how they can get involved in advocating for a better world through diplomacy. Fortunately, Model UN (MUN) programs in school are a perfect place for young adults to get their feet wet in the global arena. Plus, these programs have real benefits for kids. Let’s take a look at all the ways they can educate and empower the youth.

Worldly knowledge

MUN is the perfect way for your teen to learn more about the world and specifically international relations. The program requires students to research other countries in depth and interact with delegates from these countries. This means diving deeper into current events, as well as how historical events impact today’s events.


MUN centers around meeting new people, working in teams, and problem-solving. These skills help kids build confidence and become more comfortable putting themselves out there in high-stress situations.

Analytical skills

Analytical skills are critical for assessing all aspects of a problem, evaluating the interests of parties involved, and reaching a compromise. MUN lets students practice all of these skills and strengthen their analytical minds.

Problem solving

Bringing together multiple countries to reach a consensus on global issues is no easy feat, and the problem-solving and communication skills kids learn in MUN will serve them in addressing all different types of conflict later in life.

Public speaking

Many kids get anxious at the prospect of public speaking, but it is an integral aspect of MUN and helps students feel more at ease expressing themselves in front of large groups. After attending a MUN conference, presenting a book report in front of an English class will be a breeze.


It’s never too early to start networking, and what better way than in a room full of dedicated students from schools around the state and country? It’s a great opportunity to connect with peers and even potential mentors.

Leadership skills

MUN encourages students to take charge of a situation and work with a team to find a solution. These conferences teach students how to work harmoniously with others to achieve a common goal.

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