Today’s Solutions: August 16, 2022

The California School for the Deaf in Riverside had never won a division championship football game in its 68-year history, but that all changed this year when the team not only won a championship game but also went 11-0 for an undefeated season.

The success of the Cubs’ varsity football team is a huge accomplishment not only for the team but for the entire city and the deaf community as a whole. The team and coaches once considered underdogs, use American Sign Language to communicate on and off the field. Quarterback Phillip Castaneda credits the team’s success to the amazing chemistry between the players.

“It’s inspiring for the deaf community quite honestly. 11 and 0 we’ve never experienced this being this far in playoffs,” Coach Keith Adams told ABC News. “The community is so excited, the morale has been uplifted, the self-esteem of our players – you can see a major difference.”

The players hope their success will encourage more deaf students to pursue their passions, regardless of expectations. “We can do anything. Deaf people can do anything,” said running back Enos Zornoza. “We’re not this stereotype that’s out there.”

The team is now gearing up for the state championship game.

Image source: ABC News, Amelia Ortiz/CSDR Student Yearbook Committee

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