Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

The COP26 climate summit in progress in Glasgow, Scotland, is an important coming together of world leaders and representatives to discuss climate action and policy, as well as the steps we’ve taken to limit emissions and global warming.

However, none of those present in the meeting will be bearing the brunt of the consequences that their decisions will have. That’s why toymaker Lego has issued a handbook designed in collaboration with more than 6,000 children worldwide between the ages of eight and 18. Kids are the ones who will have to deal with the ramifications of climate change over the years, so Lego thought it only right to “give children a voice” at COP26.

“Children are demanding that they and future generations are front of mind when it comes to creating policy,” said Tim Brooks, Lego’s vice-president of environmental responsibility, as reported by the Guardian.

The children involved in the handbook project told researchers that their main concern is global warming. One in ten children expressed that they think about the environment every day, while around half of them thought about environmental problems on a weekly basis.

The handbook, which resembles a Lego instruction booklet, summarizes the children’s contributions into 10 actions they want to see from world leaders:

  1. Reduce pollution and waste
  2. Protect nature
  3. Change laws
  4. Stop ignoring the problem: do more
  5. Educate people
  6. Reduce emissions
  7. Cooperate internationally
  8. Leaders, change your own behavior
  9. Invest in the environment
  10. Help people and future generations

Each of the actions is accompanied by colorful illustrations.

Lego itself has benefitted from the constructive criticism it has received from children every year. Thanks to their young clients, the company has been influenced to eliminate single-use plastic and to improve its recycled bricks.

Image source: Lego

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