Today’s Solutions: April 14, 2024

For generations now, the United Arab Emirates has censored sensitive scenes from cinematic work that are considered offensive to traditional Islamic sensibilities. This includes any scenes involving nudity, homosexuality, sex, or any other content regarded as inappropriate. Unsurprisingly, the censorship of these scenes sometimes leads to large plot holes.

However, things are about to change. Last Sunday, the UAE declared that it will no longer censor films released in cinemas, and instead, it’ll introduce a new 21+ age category for viewers.

“The movies will be screened in cinemas according to their international version,” the authority tweeted.

The move is meant to bolster the country’s identity as a liberal hub that will attract diverse foreigners. As of now, foreigners already significantly outnumber locals, and the Islamic laws and traditions that govern the nation have caused friction for many and are a deterrent to tourism.

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