Today’s Solutions: May 27, 2023

Recent events have taken their toll on the global economy, however, there are numerous creative solutions to solve this problem. In Sicily, their approach is investing in the arts, a neglected sector during the Pandemic.

The island has recently unveiled its €10.8 million ($11.6 million) fund which will finance film and television productions to boost tourism and employment in the Italian region. The Sicily Film Commission will manage the money promised to cover around 20 percent of the total production costs of multiple feature films, TV series (including animation), documentaries, and shorts.

This investment will increase the creative economy of the region, consequentially creating job opportunities and an influx of money spent on local services. Nicola Tarantino, director of the Sicily Film Commission, said the funding would “strengthen support for the development of [Sicily’s] supply chain and local audio-visual professions”.

To receive the funding, production ideas need to show they will enhance local history, culture, landscape, traditions, food, wine, or identity. Showcasing Sicily in this way is likely to boost local tourism, creating another positive economic impact.

The beautiful region has previously hauled a variety of films and TV shows to shoot in its breath-taking scenery. This includes The Godfather Trilogy, Aquaman, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Ocean’s Twelve, and recently, the second season of HBO drama The White Lotus.

Production companies can apply for the grant from any European Union (EU) nation that has been operational for at least two years or have an agreement with a company that is a tax resident in the EU. The applications can be sent during June or September.

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