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About the Optimist Daily

Our Vision, Mission & Purpose


Our Vision

To create an optimistic, mobilized, & solutions focused global society making the world a healthier place for all sentient beings while regenerating the biosphere.

Our Mission

To accelerate the shift in human consciousness by catalyzing 100,000,000 people to start each day with a positive solutions mindset.

Our Purpose

To publish positive, solutions stories every day that our subscribers can experience daily and share in just a few moments, so as to elevate, motivate, and reignite each individual’s innate reservoir of intelligent optimism as a way of catalyzing the evolution of human consciousness.



By providing the basic service for free, we seek to find readers who share the mission of spreading solutions in order to shift consciousness. We are able to offer this service to so many people for FREE only if some people are willing to support the service by voting with their resources. People who become financial backers of this service (we call them Emissaries) make a very affordable monthly payment – equivalent to one sugary drink at a coffee shop. We are funded ONLY by our readers – not advertisers – we don’t track you and sell your data, like most other websites, nor are there annoying, spammy ads and deceptive headlines that try and trick you into clicking. Being an Emissary comes with perks – we have created a premium version of the daily service, which includes at least ten more Solutions News articles, access to our full archives of solutions, and weekly articles from the Optimist View; all from editorial and artistic contributions made by our award-winning team of editors, journalists, and graphic designers. We call our financial supporters “Emissaries” because you are on this special mission with us and you make our work in the world possible.

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