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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Corporate Social Responsibility

Keeping up with the latest news in all four corporate social responsibility categories: environment, human rights, philanthropy, and economic responsibility.

A historic $1 billion gift to

A historic $1 billion gift to Johns Hopkins eliminates tuition for most medical students

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL TEAM Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a $1 billion commitment to Johns Hopkins University, marking a watershed moment in medical school history. This unprecedented contribution, announced last week, would make tuition free for most medical students beginning Read More...

Zimbabwean grandmothers transf

Zimbabwean grandmothers transform mental health care globally

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL TEAM A deceptively simple yet revolutionary mental health therapy based on grandmothers' wisdom and sensitivity took root in Zimbabwe. Now, it is being embraced around the world, including in the United States.  A lifeline for despair Tambudzai Tembo, 57, was Read More...

How greenhouse-grown cotton ca

How greenhouse-grown cotton can transform the denim industry

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL TEAM The fashion industry has long struggled to source cotton in a sustainable way. While Patagonia, Citizens of Humanity, and Christy Dawn have embraced regenerative agriculture, Dutch denim company G-Star Raw is looking into a new alternative: greenhouse-grown Read More...

Bridging the wiki gender gap

Bridging the wiki gender gap

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL STAFF In a bustling feminist bookstore in Madrid, 17 women gathered to address one of the internet's most persistent gender disparities. These ladies, members of Spain's Wikiesfera, worked hard to enhance women's representation on Wikipedia, a platform where Read More...

Shasta Tribe finally reclaims

Shasta Tribe finally reclaims ancestral lands long buried by Klamath River Reservoir

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL TEAM In a historic effort, the Shasta Indian Nation stands to regain nearly 2,800 acres of ancestral grounds buried by the Copco I dam on the Klamath River. This important return coincides with California Governor Gavin Newsom's apology to the state's tribes, Read More...

Bogotá’s Care School fo

Bogotá's Care School for Men empowers fathers to embrace caregiving

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL STAFF A remarkable scene plays out at Bogotá's Sanitas University when a select group of young men congregate for an unusual class. They all grab a plastic doll, rash cream, and diapers. Felipe Contreras, their instructor, leads them through a routine that is Read More...

A free grocery store opens in

A free grocery store opens in San Francisco neighborhood to combat food insecurity

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL STAFF In a game-changing step for food security in San Francisco, a new free grocery shop has opened in the Bayview district, intending to fill low-income families' pantries without cost. The District 10 Community Market, the city's first of its kind, held a grand Read More...

Sex education for incarcerated

Sex education for incarcerated men in California

Cristobal De La Cruz enters a classroom at the Orange County Juvenile Hall in Southern California, carrying a condom in his back pocket. A group of young guys, ranging in age from 12 to 18, are waiting. De La Cruz, who is only 28, is young enough to connect with the youth over video games and Read More...

Finland’s free contracep

Finland's free contraception initiative reduces teen abortions by 66%

Finland's multifaceted approach to preventing teenage abortions has proven highly effective, with a 66 percent reduction reported between 2000 and 2023. This large drop, owing to free contraception and obligatory sex education, serves as a model for public health programs. The impact of free Read More...

The rainbow flag, an evolving

The rainbow flag, an evolving symbol of LGBTQIA+ pride

During Pride Month, the rainbow flag, which represents LGBTQIA+ pride and solidarity, can be seen hung on homes, businesses, and bumpers. It's more than simply a brilliant show; it represents safe spaces and constant support for the LGBTQIA+ community. The origins of the rainbow flag On June 25, Read More...