Today’s Solutions: April 12, 2024

In the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts, a unique and touching program is enthralling the neighborhood, demonstrating that sometimes all it takes to repair overdue library items is a touch of feline charm. Worcester Public Library’s ‘March Meowness’ campaign is transforming the way library fines are handled, and the results are nothing short of fantastic.

The feline fix

For book enthusiasts who have lost or damaged items, the customary anxiety of facing library fees has been replaced by a much lighter alternative: cat photos. The library’s executive director, Jason Homer, explains the program’s inspiration, saying, “We were just trying to figure out the lowest barrier possible.”

How March Meowness fosters creativity and community

March Meowness is more than just dismissing fees; it’s about rekindling a feeling of community and creativity. Patrons are encouraged to bring images, sketches, or even magazine clippings of cats to reactivate their library cards. The response has been amazing, with a developing “cat wall” in the library’s main building displaying the different and creative cat entries.

Furry forgiveness

The program soon gained traction, with approximately 400 people having their library accounts cleared and borrowing privileges restored. The library values inclusivity and welcomes all creatures into the world of honorary cats. Mr. Homer puts it humorously: “Any ungovernable animal.”

Young readers can also join in on the feline fun. A seven-year-old without a cat but with a creative spirit revived his library card by drawing a cat using crayons. The program’s accessibility and comedy show a kid-friendly approach to instilling a love of libraries.

Libraries as vibrant community hubs

As public spaces reopen following the pandemic, libraries like Worcester’s are transforming into thriving community hubs. Previously used as vaccine stations during the pandemic, these locations are now actively engaged in offering crafts, wellness classes, and fraud prevention seminars. The ‘March Meowness‘ program exemplifies this trend toward positive and innovative community engagement.

The people and cats of Worcester: a unique program’s impact

Worcester Public Library serves a varied urban community, recognizing that life’s obstacles often get in the way. Instead of pursuing fee collections, the library opts to forgive and promote cat love as a universal solution. The program not only unlocks library accounts but also adds a feeling of comedy and warmth, dispelling perceptions of severe librarians and fostering a collective sense of forgiveness.


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