Fashion | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 2
Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024


To achieve a more sustainable future, the fashion industry needs to overhaul its current practices. Here, we document that progress by covering everything from sustainable textiles to inclusive clothing lines to innovative materials.

Stack of folded bright clothes on table against blurred background.

Five steps for making your clothes last as long as possible

The clothes we wear can make us feel confident and help us express our inner selves. Unfortunately, our culture of fast fashion produces these garments cheap and fast, adding to the ongoing climate crisis. To lead a more sustainable life regarding clothes, it's important to consider several things Read More...

mannequins dressed in fast fashion

The EU proposes plan to ensure fast fashion goes out of style

At the end of last month, the European Union announced a plan to counter the pollution generated by mass-market fast fashion with the overarching goal of ending the throwaway culture that compels consumers to use cheap clothing that becomes deformed or ruined after only a few wears. The EU Read More...

five diverse girl friends laugh and give each other piggybacks in the sun

In the market for sustainable swimwear? These are the fabrics to look for

The weather is getting warmer, and the days are growing longer. Now that travel is finally back on schedule, many of us are dreaming of seaside vacations. Sand and sun and relaxation. Sounds great! However, over the pandemic period, many more issues have bubbled to the surface of our collective Read More...

Person holding pile of brightly colored patterned pillows.

Check out these Black-owned home decor brands to liven up your space

The Optimist Daily has regularly tried to draw positive attention toward black-black-owned businesses. Being mindful where you spend your money and choosing racial minority owned stores can help close the racial wealth gap, celebrate black culture, promote representation, and create jobs. With Read More...


UK cracks down on greenwashing

As is so often and tragically the case, commerce can adapt more quickly than policy. We’re seeing this right now in what’s known as greenwashing. This is where companies label their products as “eco-friendly,” “greener,” or “sustainable” to appeal to environmentally conscious Read More...

Cleaning white sneaker with purple cloth.

How to make your sneakers last as long as possible

Being a sustainable fashionista doesn’t mean simply buying clothes that will last long. It also means taking caring care of the clothes you have to ensure their longevity. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how to take care of your sneakers so that they last as long as possible. Wipe them Read More...

Second hand wardrobe idea. Circular fashion, eco friendly sustainable shopping, thrifting shop concept. Woman outfit.

3 easy ways to shop for clothes more sustainably

As prices rise and we all feel that pinch in our pocketbooks, consumers are seeking ways to shop for the things they need and want without breaking the bank.  On the other hand, we are constantly being shown ads that encourage us to shop always for the latest trends, so it’s no wonder fast Read More...

Three black women wearing golden goddess like clothing in a church like setting.

These refugee-owned businesses are flourishing

Contrary to popular belief, refugees actually benefit their host nation’s economies according to a study compiled from 30 years of data. Refugee-founded businesses have an enormous potential to invigorate economies, increase job opportunities, and reduce public spending. The Entrepreneurial Read More...

Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses

This giant luxury fashion house will stop using animal fur

Following years of perseverance from animal welfare activists, the fashion industry is finally coming to grips with its role in making the clothing sector more ethical and sustainable. Particularly notable has been the decision of an increasing number of prominent fashion brands to move away from Read More...

Torn pieces of textiles floating in the air

Designers turn unrecyclable clothes into high-quality textiles

One of the biggest environmental concerns regarding textiles is that most of them are difficult to recycle once they reach the end of their use. This is because these materials typically contain a variety of types of fibers, quality levels, and colors, which makes sorting difficult on an industrial Read More...