Philanthropy | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 3
Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024


Latest news on corporate and nonprofit efforts aimed at changing our world for the better through benevolent initiatives, such as fundraisers, grants, and charities.

Revolutionizing humanitarian a

Revolutionizing humanitarian aid with ingenious cardboard bed design

Humanity is confronted with an unprecedented situation. The number of forcibly displaced people on Earth will have surpassed 100 million by 2022, a shocking milestone and a striking reminder of the world's continuous challenges. While the world grapples with mounting humanitarian demands, the Read More...

Move Afrika: elevating African

Move Afrika: elevating African music on a global scale starting with concert in Rwanda

Two decades after Nelson Mandela's legendary 46664 concerts, a new movement, Move Afrika, developed on the African continent. Inspired by Mandela's vision, his grandson Kweku Mandela launched this five-year project to create an annual music tour to promote Africa's artistic environment while Read More...

Art preserves endangered flora

Art preserves endangered flora in Himalayas—where conservation and culture collide

"In 2002, I was returning to Kalimpong in the eastern Himalaya region of India, and I found numerous trees had been cut down for a dam on the Teesta River at Kalijhora," recalls Hemlata Pradhan, an artist who had just completed her Master's in natural history illustration in London. This shocking Read More...

How We Rock the Spectrum creat

How We Rock the Spectrum creates inclusive play spaces for neurodivergent kids

Tiera Turner faced a predicament that many parents of neurodivergent children can relate to when her first son was diagnosed with autism in 2019. She couldn't find a place where her child could be himself without having to apologize or explain himself. Turner has two sons with autism and has Read More...

Meet Susan Murabana, the astro

Meet Susan Murabana, the astronomer bringing the cosmos to Kenyan youth

A celestial display unfolds beneath the velvety African night sky, amidst the peace of Kenya's isolated Samburu county. It’s 1:30 AM in mid-August, and 50 enthralled individuals lie on the dry riverbed, their eyes turned heavenwards, entranced by the stars. The Milky Way arcs gracefully across Read More...

Rebuilding hope in the face of

Rebuilding hope in the face of destruction: Coming together for Maui's recovery

The gorgeous town of Lahaina, located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, is reeling from the devastation caused by a fast-moving wildfire that has left a trail of ruin and loss. Lahaina's historic charm has been almost completely devoured by flames, leaving behind sadness and pain that the town is Read More...

THON: The inspiring student-ru

THON: The inspiring student-run philanthropic organization fighting against pediatric cancer

THON, which stands for "Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon," is an incredible humanitarian organization that has made a significant difference in the lives of children and families affected by pediatric cancer.  Since its inception in 1973, THON has grown to become the world's largest Read More...

Inmates celebrate first degree

Inmates celebrate first degrees earned through Yale and University of New Haven Initiative

Parolee Marcus Harvin's path from incarceration to higher education exemplifies the transformative impact of a game-changing collaboration between the University of New Haven (UNH) and the Yale Prison Education Initiative. Through this partnership, Harvin—who spent six years in prison for Read More...

Gift of Adoption celebrates 5,

Gift of Adoption celebrates 5,000th child’s forever home since its inception

Last month, the Gift of Adoption Fund, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families in completing adoptions for children in difficult circumstances, celebrated an iconic event. Since its foundation in 1996, the charity has successfully matched 5,000 children with loving Read More...

Ensuring no pet goes hungry: T

Ensuring no pet goes hungry: The rise of pet food banks in the UK

Pete Dolan, a cat owner, recalls the tremendous help he received from Animal Food Bank Support UK, a Facebook organization that coordinates volunteer community support workers who supply free pet food to individuals in need, referring to everyone involved as “Angels without wings”.  Dolan, Read More...