Today’s Solutions: December 01, 2021

Healthy Kitchens Week

It's Healthy Kitchens Week and we're bringing you solutions for sustainable cooking, energy efficient appliances, and green lifestyle hacks!

These biodegradable tote bags are made of food and textile waste

Replacing single-use plastic bags with a tote that you can use multiple times is a good way to help cut waste from your shopping routine. It is, however, important to note that producing cotton bags is actually quite resource-intensive, meaning that you may have to reuse them tens of times before Read More...

Soap is a big water polluter. This probiotic version does the opposite

We use soap to clean our dishes, clothing, and even ourselves, but this same soap that we use to clean isn’t so great for rivers and oceans. Especially in countries where many people still use rivers for washing purposes, soap can directly contaminate ecosystems and pollute water that communities Read More...