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The Optimists Revolution Mission: To Create a Shift in the Consciousness
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Optimist Revolution

You may have noticed: the country has found itself… uh… in need of an “Optimist Revolution”… to say the least. With YOUR help, we are here to answer that call! Can you imagine a revolution spreading optimistic Solutions News across the planet? We can – but we need YOU to help create it.

What is the Optimist Revolution?
While we have always enjoyed sending you great articles, we are at a point where the world is in desperate need of our community’s optimistic solution-focused sense of being!

Mainstream media is becoming more and more like a reality show – with sensationalism and 95% of the focus on the negative. The recent US election demonstrated how extreme the situation is – did you tune in and find out what new policies were laid out by each candidate, or did you just hear about the latest drama in the nightmare soap opera playing out before our eyes?

Optimist Revolution

And we need YOUR help.
What can YOU do?
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Optimist Revolution

An Honorary Emissary…
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller
(Photo with Miss Sullivan)

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