Today’s Solutions: June 16, 2024

France pledges to embed aborti

France pledges to embed abortion rights in constitution

President Emmanuel Macron pledged to enshrine a woman's right to choose abortion in the French constitution by next year. This steadfast commitment comes as France responds to stringent measures placed on reproductive rights in other nations, highlighting its unflinching commitment to abortion Read More...

West Africa, the village of Yongoro, Sierra Leone, young girl listens to the lesson at school

Sierra Leone backs bill to legalize abortion—a “monumental step forward”

The current laws surrounding maternal health, abortion, and contraceptive services in the West African country of Sierra Leone were adopted in 1861—a century before it won its independence from Britain. In the past, there were attempts at reforming the colonial-era legislation, including in 2015 Read More...

Planned Parenthood’s new too

Planned Parenthood’s new tool helps women navigate complex abortion laws

State courts have overturned complete abortion bans in states like Alabama and Mississippi, but unfortunately, abortion service access points in many states are few and far between. This week, Planned Parenthood launched a new tool to help women navigate the complexities of abortion access and Read More...