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Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

Mexico’s Supreme Court rules

Mexico’s Supreme Court rules to decriminalize abortion

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled this week that criminalizing abortion is illegal. This landmark unanimous decision comes after years of advocacy from women’s rights groups who have fought to legalize abortion in the largely Catholic country. Although the decision does not automatically make Read More...

Policy changes and activism re

Policy changes and activism render Texas abortion reporting site inactive

Website host GoDaddy has taken down Texas Right to Life’s abortion whistleblowing website for violating its terms of service. GoDaddy specifically cites Section 5.2, which states “You will not collect or harvest (or permit anyone else to collect or harvest) any User Content (as defined below) Read More...

How 343 women made French hist

How 343 women made French history by talking about their abortions

On April 5, 1971, in France, 343 filmmakers, writers, actresses, singers, and philosophers ended a long-held silence. “One million women have abortions each year in France,” they wrote in a manifesto published in the magazine Nouvel Read More...