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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

A person typing on Google search engine from a laptop. Google is the biggest Internet search engine in the world.

Google puts data privacy back into users hands

Due to various political and healthcare data breaches setting off alarm bells, the general public is slowly realizing that their data is at risk of being used against them in potentially harmful ways. At issue as well, "big data" collection is such a new technology that there are few laws in place Read More...

Two doctors having discussion about patient diagnosis, examining viral infection or pneumonia lesion on Chest X-ray film in hospital.

This AI could be a gamechanger for patients with lung problems

While we are largely out of the worst parts of the Pandemic, some of the lasting effects of COVID-19 can still be felt, especially in the lungs of those who endured the virus. Studies have found that lasting harm can be left from having the disease and scientists have had a hard time visualizing Read More...


New computing method faster predicts traffic

Besides its adding to our road rage and shouting at our steering wheels, sitting in traffic can negatively affect one’s health. Studies have found that unpredictable traffic compromises psychological wellbeing as well as respiratory problems from being exposed to car exhaust. Not only that, but Read More...

Tiny camera held between the fingers of a scientist wearing blue gloves.

This cutting edge camera is the size of a grain of salt

Micro-cameras are used in virtually all industries. In the medical field, these tiny cameras have helped facilitate less invasive medical imaging practices and improved robotic surgical tools. Structures of molecules and neural pathways have been uncovered using this technology, although achieving Read More...

New prosthetic gives amputees

New prosthetic gives amputees real-time mind control of robotic hand

Machine learning algorithms and new techniques in biomedical engineering are leading to the creation of robotic hands that amputees can use to regain the functions of a real hand. Recently, researchers at the University of Michigan tapped faint, latent signals from arm nerves and amplified them Read More...

Automation will force us to re

Automation will force us to realize that we are not defined by what we do

In March 2016, AlphaGo’s deep learning algorithms ruthlessly dethroned mankind’s best Go player. The whole world jittered, knowing that the same job-eating AI technology was coming soon to an office near Read More...