Today’s Solutions: March 01, 2024

Alternative medicine


The efforts by Paul Stamets Jay Walljasper | November 2004 issue The future of human civilization might increasingly be dependent upon the new technologies of “mycoremediation” and “mycofiltration.” If that sounds uncomfortably futuristic, or even frightening in a science … [Read more...] about Superfungi

We are here to grow gods

For more than twenty years he researched the healing methods of South American shamans. And now that he has unlocked these mysteries, he wants to introduce them into Western medicine. His goal is healing: healing humans, healing spirit, healing society. An interview with a man … [Read more...] about We are here to grow gods

Healing by design

The hospital of the future may not look like a hospital at all Kim Ridley | July/Aug 2006 issue As if getting sick weren’t bad enough, landing in the hospital can make you feel even worse. There’s little privacy. Noise from roommates and hallways disturbs sleep. Isolation from … [Read more...] about Healing by design