Today’s Solutions: February 03, 2023

The combination of micro-organisms in EM-X stimulate micro life.

Marco Visscher| March 2004 issue

EM technology greatest secret lies in the composition of the micro-organisms used in the elixir. Further explanation takes us back to the beginning of time. Millions of years ago, the earth was populated by what we now call anaerobic bacteria, minute organisms resistant to the extremely high temperatures that prevailed at the time, but vulnerable to oxygen. Initially oxygen tolerance was unnecessary as the earth’s atmosphere consisted mainly of methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Oxygen, like nitrogen, was a waste product resulting from the activities of these first micro-organisms. In time, however, they had produced so much oxygen that they had in fact poisoned their own environment. The organisms were faced with the simple choice: adapt or die.

The anaerobic micro-organisms adapted. They reduced their activities and changed their genetic composition and thus acquired anti-oxidation capabilities, which allowed them to survive the increased oxygen levels and conserve their energy until conditions became more favourable. They abandoned the earth’s surface and settled in the calm depths of the oceans where they were able to live comfortably without oxygen.

According to microbiologists it is absolutely impossible for anaerobic and micro-organisms to cohabit. In fact, it was – and still is – regarded as a natural fact that one species will triumph over the other. By chance Higa discovered that, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to combine these organisms. By using a liquid concentrate in the soil, the mixture is able to neutralise harmful substances and stimulate micro life into production. These characteristics are found in all products based on EM technology, including EM-X.

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