Today’s Solutions: May 21, 2024

Salary increase helps employees

Company that raised minimum salaries to $70,000 is still thriving

Almost seven years ago, The Optimist Daily did a piece on Dan Price, CEO of the credit card processing company Gravity Payments. At the time Price was making news by raising the salaries of all of his employees to a minimum of $70,000 a year. This moral decision was applauded by many, but critics Read More...

Why I am proud to be an Americ

Why I am proud to be an American

Ode's executive editor Jay Walljasper on why real patriots are in the streets, not in the White House. Jay Walljasper | July 2004 issue As a child learning lessons at school, I believed that my country was the greatest in the world. We had defeated Hitler in World War II, and we were now ridding Read More...