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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024
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An ant standing on a green leaf, from up close

Ants can detect cancer as well as sniffer dogs

A proof-of-concept study from scientists in France has recently demonstrated something fascinating: the ability of ants to sniff out cancer cells. The research results provide proof that a particular species of ant, Formica fusca, can be quickly trained to detect cancerous cells with the same Read More...

Floating ants looks like raft in flood time.

Floating ants may inspire the future of robotics and adaptive materials

Ants are extremely adaptable creatures. The little critters are one of the strongest animals in relation to their size, being able to carry 50 times their own body weight. They are also the longest living insect, with some species living for around 30 years. However, the teamwork these tiny animals Read More...

Red ant sitting on a green leaf

These ants can transform from worker to queen with one single gene

The social dynamics of ant colonies are complex setups, requiring sophisticated mathematical models to map them out. There is a strict hierarchy of jobs that are determined by age: sterile workers, reproductive males, and reproducing queens. Under this hierarchy, the colonies' main collective goal Read More...

Got pests? Keep them at bay wi

Got pests? Keep them at bay with these natural repellents

The summer season is drawing to a close, which means that pests will be making a valiant effort to get inside your home before colder weather hits. While some indoor pests are harmless, they can be irritating and in the case of termites and mosquitoes, dangerous to your family and your home. Many Read More...

Say yes to ants: how these lit

Say yes to ants: how these little creatures keep your plants disease-free

Ants may be pesky nuisances in the kitchen, but a new study indicates that the insects may be your allies in keeping your outdoor plants healthy and free of diseases. The new research, conducted by Danish scientists, revealed that ants produce antibiotics that prevent the growth of at least 14 Read More...

Solid workers

Solid workers

All the ants on earth weigh as much as seven billion people. That calculation comes from German biologist Bert Hölldobler and American biologist Edward Wilson in their book The Ants (1990). Ants are constantly busy, carrying things from here to there without leaving a trace of trash behind. Ants Read More...