Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

Quasar Dark Matter Space

Can galaxies exist without dark matter?

The nature of science is learning and revision. Our understanding of existence involves fine-tuning, sometimes completely restructuring our knowledge to comprise new discoveries. Physics, medicine, chemistry, all improve on themselves by revising older ideas, such as it is with dark matter and its Read More...

Two stars merging

A first-of-its-kind star made from two dying stars

It is a wonder looking up at space, seeing the continuum of the cosmos in beautiful celestial bodies exploding, reforming, and shining brightly in the night sky.  In this stellar life cycle, scientists have discovered the brilliant birth of a new star created from the collision of two dying Read More...

Listen to this fascinating pie

Listen to this fascinating piece of ambient music composed by stars

Though we can’t hear them, stars propagate some incredibly soothing soundscapes through the vacuum of space. And for the first time, music composed from the acoustic waves that blast out of these sublime celestial bodies has been made available online. The music is arranged by Brian Eno, the Read More...