Today’s Solutions: May 30, 2024

Two teenage girls with phones in their hands are sitting at home on bed. Social Media tiktok is loaded on screen.

Tova Friedman survived Auschwitz—Now she’s sharing her story on TikTok

Visitors routinely overwhelm Tova Friedman's TikTok account with tough questions, such as: Why didn't she try to flee Auschwitz? Could she hear screams coming from the gas chambers? The 84-year-old strives to depict the brutal reality of Auschwitz, a World War II Nazi extermination camp in Read More...

Chelsea is sending racist fans

Chelsea is sending racist fans on trips to Auschwitz rather than banning them

English football club Chelsea has a new way of dealing with fans who are caught being racist: instead of banning them from the stadium, the club wants to send racist supporters on trips to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. The club believes that banning supporters won’t lead to a change in Read More...