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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Using this debit card helps fu

Using this debit card helps fund reforestation projects around the world

You might be familiar with the Google-alternative, eco-friendly search engine Ecosia, which uses 80 percent of its ad-generated revenue to plant millions of trees around the world. If you have been using the search engine to help fight climate change, you'll probably be excited to hear about Read More...

Bank of America officially say

Bank of America officially says no to financing Arctic drilling

One word: Finally. Bank of America has just become the last major US financial institution to declare that they will no longer finance any oil and gas exploration in the Arctic. The decision, which was announced to Bloomberg News on Monday, comes after Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Chase, Wells Read More...

Surprisingly enough, central b

Surprisingly enough, central banks are leading calls for climate action

As groups of Extinction Rebellion protestors glued themselves to public transit and closed down large swathes of central London last week in a series of demonstrations that continued Thursday, a very different group was gathering just a couple hours’ train journey away in Paris. They, too, Read More...

The meaning  of money

The meaning of money

A more sustainable financial system must involve consumers, too. Here are five things you can do right now to make a difference. Janet Paskin | December 2008 issue It’s not just investment bankers who’ve been hit hard by the financial crisis. Millions of regular people have seen huge holes Read More...

Think outside the bank

Think outside the bank

How peer-to-peer lending helps entrepreneurs - and helps lenders make a difference. Janet Paskin | December 2007 issue For the first few months, Renaud Laplanche financed his software company with credit cards. Then he looked at the statements. “It’s painful when you realize you’re paying 18 Read More...

Banking on change

Banking on change

You can't think of any institution more devoted to the status quo than banks. Banks don't reform society; they protect people's money. Yet money is needed for any project that aims to change society. That's why we need a new kind of idealistic bank. And that bank exists in the Dutch town of Zeist. Read More...