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11 positive energy development

11 positive energy developments that show the bright side of 2020

Yes, 2020 was a year saturated with negative news. But we wouldn’t do it justice if we only remembered it for the doom and gloom. Throughout the year's unprecedented times, there have also been plenty of moments that brought a sense of optimism over our planet’s future. Our global energy Read More...

Giant Goldman Sachs will inves

Giant Goldman Sachs will invest $750bn into climate action over next decade

As the private sector is slowly coming to its senses about the urgent need to address climate change, one of Wall Street’s major investment banks has recently revealed its plan to further bring this urgency to the fore. Over the weekend, financial behemoth Goldman Sachs announced its plans to Read More...

JPMorgan wants to give people

JPMorgan wants to give people with criminal backgrounds a second chance

As the unemployment rate in the US remains at historic lows, formerly incarcerated people are still struggling to find a job. Enter the largest bank in the country, which has recently announced plans to widen the access to economic opportunity for those with former convictions.  After hiring Read More...

130 banks have committed to jo

130 banks have committed to join international efforts in fighting climate change

In a pivotal move that’s bound to shift global climate action into higher gear, banks with more than $47 trillion in assets – or a third of the global industry – adopted new UN-backed “responsible banking” principles to fight global warming and other environmental issues. Deutsche Read More...

At this new online banking pla

At this new online banking platform, customers are the owners

In a given year, the biggest banks in the U.S.–Wells Fargo, Citi, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase–rake in billions of dollars in fees that their customers pay to the bank they are with, and money they have to turn over if they overdraw from one of their accounts. Often, the banks then Read More...

A new form of currency could h

A new form of currency could help us in economic crisis

How a complementary currency helped save Switzerland from economic ruin in the 1940s—and could do the same for us today. Bernard Lietaerl | April 2009 issue The travails of the banking crisis have been front-page news for months, and the biggest bailout in human history is underway. However, the Read More...