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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Pair of common vampire bats.

What vampire bats teach us about friendship

There are still biological and behavioral mysteries to social bonding that experts are trying to figure out. With so many factors at play it can be hard to put a fine point on why we do some things and not others to get close to one another. Sometimes, it pays to look at other examples of mammalian Read More...

Roasted coffee beans.

Could caffeine be used to treat ADHD?

An estimated 4.4 percent of adults are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, a neurological condition where people find it hard to pay attention or control their behavior and experience hyperactivity. Diagnoses of this condition have increased exponentially over the Read More...

Practitioner administering ultrasound treatment in the brain to an elderly patient.

Ultrasound could be used to treat addiction and OCD

The 'credit assignment' problem refers to when someone attributes an event to the wrong outcome. For example, passing an exam and instead of assigning your success to the many hours of studying put in, you put it down to the number of times you brushed your teeth that day. This psychological Read More...

Optimism 2.0

Optimism 2.0

How an optimistic outlook can help improve your state of health, not just your state of mind. Mary Desmond Pinkowish | September 2010 issue Admit it. Secretly you think optimistic people are just a little annoying—their constant, insufferable smiling; the way they’re always looking on the Read More...