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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

large wooden winter bird feeder visited by four red cardinals

All you need to know about winter bird feeders

As the planet warms, we are experiencing shifts in weather patterns that are downright bizarre. Even people who are fortunate enough to not have been directly hit by extreme natural events like catastrophic floods, droughts, or forest fires will still have to adjust in some way. For instance, Read More...

birdwatcher's hand flips through bird book sat next to binoculars

Conservationists call on birdwatching community to help find lost bird species

Calling all birdwatchers! Conservationists and scientists are requesting the help of the world’s birdwatchers to help them find 10 species of birds that seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The initiative was launched last week as a collaborative effort between Re:wild, Read More...

Bird-friendly coffee is the ne

Bird-friendly coffee is the next trend for caffeine-loving conservationists

In many cultures around the world, coffee is a daily staple, a social gathering point, and a workday necessity, but when it comes to sustainability, not all coffee is created equal. Now, those who want to sip on coffee with a clear conscience can look for “bird-friendly” or "shade grown" labels Read More...