Today’s Solutions: June 19, 2024

Two men hugging in front of a green background signifying friendhsip.

4 tips that will help you be a better friend

Our loved ones are what makes life worth living. Little else matches the wonderful experiences we have with friends full of laughter and it turns out these times are also good for your health. Many studies have shown that friendship is beneficial for our well-being and might even extend our life Read More...

Reflections on turning 60

Reflections on turning 60

The art of finding your friends, and letting your friends find you. Paulo Coelho | June/July 2009 issue In a recent interview, I said that turning 60 is the same as turning 35 or 47: a birthday cake, blowing out the candles and so on. But it’s not quite the same, and I’d like to share how I Read More...