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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

How cryptocurrencies are helpi

How cryptocurrencies are helping people in distressed countries

For some, cryptocurrencies are just an investment opportunity filled with speculation. For others, it’s a means of surviving. The latter is the case in Venezuela where hyperinflation has completely decimated the value of the national currency, the Bolivar. Trust in the Bolivar is plummeting, Read More...

What if Bitcoin could help mit

What if Bitcoin could help mitigate climate change?

How do you like a juicy story with a brilliant and creative free-spirited character as its main protagonist, and a crazy plot to solve humanity’s biggest challenge—the very same one that has had governments dragging their feet for decades? The free spirit is James d’Angelo, who started his Read More...

Bitcoin to facilitate money tr

Bitcoin to facilitate money transfers from developed to developing countries

Money transfers from developed countries to developing ones dominate the $582-billion global remittance market. In 2014 only 5 percent of transactions were digital, but the trend is shifting rapidly as mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous in developing countries. Digital transactions offer Read More...

NASDAQ marketplace experiments

NASDAQ marketplace experiments with Bitcoin technology

The digital currency Bitcoin is revolutionary because it operates as a decentralized system where transactions take place directly. No intermediaries require. “Blockchain” is the technology underlying the system, by which each transaction is recorded in a public ledger. A recent, fascinating Read More...

Bitcoin’s new competitor to

Bitcoin’s new competitor to be backed by gold

Digital currency Bitcoin has blazed a new trail away from the established monetary system. In its wake, metals and technology company Anthem Vault is to launch the Hayek on May 25. The new cryptocurrency will be valued at 1 gram of gold at the day's market price, serving “as a more secure store Read More...