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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Pretty girl messaging before sleeping at night. Addicted woman suffering from insomnia surfing on the internet with cell.

How to prevent before-bed screen use from completely ruining your sleep

We hear it again and again: Avoid devices before bedtime to sleep properly. Research and sleep specialists say late-night scrolling and streaming stimulate your brain, delaying sleep and preventing quality rest. Electronic light disrupts your body clock and sleep. The recommendation is Read More...

How to keep an eye on your eye

How to keep an eye on your eye health

As we age, we can become more vulnerable to developing age-related eye conditions, diseases, and vision loss. The best way to stave off, or better yet, prevent deterioration of your eye health (other than to have regular eye exams) is to take proper care of your eyes now. Here are some ways you can Read More...

Scientist have made an AI that

Scientist have made an AI that predicts when and where lightning will strike

Lightning strikes may be beautiful to see, but the consequences of them can be brutal. For one, lightning kills more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes. On top of that, lightning strikes can be detrimental to farmers as they can cause fires that can destroy millions of dollars' worth of Read More...

Junking jet lag

Junking jet lag

It sounds like the lowest setting on a Star Trek phaser, but a photon shower (shown above) is a real device, more akin in appearance to a space-age photo booth, developed by Delta Airlines in the hopes of reducing jet lag. Introduced this spring, the photon shower bathes the weary traveler in blue Read More...

Blue light special for alertne

Blue light special for alertness

If you’re looking to improve your attention or reaction time, if you struggle with daytime sleepiness, or if you simply have some late-night work to do—simply switching your standard light bulb for a blue one might be a big help. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston compared Read More...