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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Backgammon game in starting position seen diagonally with a black six and a white five on the dice as a classic start.

What are the health benefits of backgammon?

We may just think of board games as something to take out on holidays or if you have heaps of free time. However, board games hold a whole range of health benefits that are usually overlooked. One of the most classic board games, backgammon, is a treasure trove that offers you a lot more than just Read More...

Regularly playing games like c

Regularly playing games like chess can increase mental sharpness later in life

Hosting family over the holidays? The only thing more stressful than preparing the food is deciding how to entertain your guests. New research provides good reason to dust off your old board games; they can boost brain health.  According to a 68-year-long study conducted by psychologists from Read More...