Today’s Solutions: June 15, 2024

Storefront of small local bookshop in central France

New French law helps independent bookstores compete with online retailers

A French law passed in 2014 that prohibits retailers from discounting new books has helped small bookstores survive amidst heavy competition from powerful online retailers. However, the owners of independent shops are still at a disadvantage because online marketplace giants such as Amazon have Read More...

Italy marks books as an “ess

Italy marks books as an “essential good” during the coronavirus lockdown

Italy has been hit hard and early by the coronavirus pandemic, but the country is now making tiny steps towards bringing things back to normal by opening some essential stores, including bookstores. While pretty much everything remains on lockdown in the country’s northern regions — most Read More...

How a bookstore can change you

How a bookstore can change your life

If a book can "change your life," a bookstore can utterly transform it. A story on how the bookstore Shakespeare and Company in Paris changed one man's life. Jeremy Mercer | November 2007 issue One of the more romantic literary notions is that a book can change a person’s life. Pulitzer Read More...