Today’s Solutions: May 30, 2024

Could mushroom bricks replace

Could mushroom bricks replace cement bricks?

A tenth of global carbon emissions is made up of building materials and construction. That’s why engineers are in search of better alternatives to polluting materials such as cement bricks, which require a whole lot of energy to produce and winds up in the landfill at the end of their lifecycle. Read More...

This Philippine island is reco

This Philippine island is reconstructing itself by turning volcano ash into bricks

Last week, the island of Luzon in the Philippines was startled by an eruption of the Taal Volcano - one of the most active in the region - displacing thousands of people and blanketing neighboring towns and villages with thick layers of erupted ash and mud. Following the disaster, the ash-covered Read More...

These engineers are making bri

These engineers are making bricks out of your poop

The waste from your own body that you flush down the toilet goes through an extensive journey long after you’ve left the bathroom. From the toilet it descends through a series of pipes before it winds up at a waste water treatment center where it’s extracted from the water and decontaminated, Read More...