Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

E. Coli Bacterium

This swimming robot shows how bacteria move

We all know it takes some practice learning to swim in the ocean with waves and riptides pulling at us. With some practice and experience, though, it becomes a fun, even fulfilling pastime. Now, imagine how hard it would be if the ocean were tar instead of water.  This is essentially what it is Read More...

Photograph of Amanda Lynch, chair of the WMO board wearing a white shirt and black suit.

World Meteorological Organization welcomes new leader

Amanda Lynch has been appointed to chair the board of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This United Nations agency has four main focuses: weather, climate, water, and environment. They research many aspects of the Earth’s behavior to provide vital information to the organization's 193 Read More...

Atacama desert in the Andes, Chile.

Ancient comet solves puzzle of scattered glass in Chilean desert

Across a 75 kilometer stretch of the Atacama Desert in Chile, huge rocks of black and green glass can be found lying around. Researchers picked up on this unusual phenomenon around a decade ago, but they were stumped by this mystery with no reasonable explanation to be found, until now. A team Read More...