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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

Exterior view of the RE modular facade with a floor-to-ceiling PV element.

Modular facade can be installed onto old buildings to cut their emissions

Heating and cooling our buildings comes with a hefty environmental footprint. In the US alone, heating and cooling systems account for 38 percent of greenhouse gas emissions of residential housing. Coming up with more sustainable ways to maintain a favorable temperature within our homes is thus key Read More...

Scientists aim to turn our bui

Scientists aim to turn our built environment into rechargeable batteries

According to the World Green Building Council, about 11 percent of the environmental footprint of buildings and construction comes from embodied carbon emissions. This includes all the CO2 emitted in producing the materials needed for creating our built environment. Seeking more sustainable and Read More...

New solar windows allow more l

New solar windows allow more light to pass through than ever before

Over the years, we’ve written a number of stories about the potential of solar windows that could convert light into energy. The technology, however, has yet to take off. The main problem is that the solar windows created thus far have been too opaque, failing to allow much light to come Read More...

New homes in Wales will be pow

New homes in Wales will be powered by renewable energy by 2025

The building and housing sector are one of today’s major contributors to global warming and the climate crisis. Acknowledging the urgent need to find a solution to this problem, the Welsh government has recently issued plans requiring all new homes in the country to be heated and powered by clean Read More...

Eco-friendly living concrete i

Eco-friendly living concrete is made from a mix of bacteria and sand

Despite its remarkable properties as a building material, concrete has a dangerous environmental footprint. Cement - the main ingredient for making concrete - is solely responsible for 6 percent of the world’s human-made carbon emissions. And while researchers have sought alternative means of Read More...