Today’s Solutions: May 22, 2024

view of sunburnt woman's back as someone rubs soothing cream into shoulder

How to properly treat a sunburn

This year promises to deliver very hot, very dry weather, especially across central and western North America. This means even though you plan to do everything you can to avoid it, you may at some point discover that you've stayed out a bit too long in the sun, and now you’re dealing with Read More...

5 natural sunburn remedies to

5 natural sunburn remedies to soothe your summer skin

A couple weeks ago we shared a guide to buying safe sunscreen, but even if you’ve been layering it on, most of us will get at least one sunburn this summer. For fair- and medium-skin-toned individuals, burns can be barely there pink to red, tender to the touch, and feel dry. On darker-toned Read More...