Today’s Solutions: July 23, 2024

Woman planting basil herb into terracotta flower pot on table in garden.

Grow these plants around your home as natural mosquitos repellents

While there are countless positives that come with the warmer seasons, there’s one huge downside.  Yep, mosquitos! These pesky insects can leave us itching all over with unpleasant swollen and scabbed skin. We try to do everything we can to keep these bugs away, from candles to aerosols and Read More...

How to properly clean out cand

How to properly clean out candle jars for recycling and reuse

If you’ve embraced zero-waste living choices, then you already know that reusing jars and bottles is a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. However, some containers prove much more difficult to clean out, even if you do want to repurpose them. An example of this is candle jars—many of them Read More...

These essentials will amplify

These essentials will amplify your meditation practice

According to FitBit data, the number of people who meditate rose 2,900 percent between March and September of this year. With exercise facilities shut down and extra stress on mental health, many people are turning to meditation to cope with the impacts of the pandemic. If you want to take up Read More...