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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024
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Introducing Canoo, the subscri

Introducing Canoo, the subscription-based lounge-like EV coming in 2021

This week, LA-based company Canoo opened its waitlist up for eager customers who want to get access to its funky-looking electric car. If you haven’t seen it, it seats seven, looks a bit like a jelly bean, and has a whole different design compared to traditional internal combustion engine Read More...

You will soon be able to drive

You will soon be able to drive this electric car on a monthly subscription basis

With the electric vehicle market expanding at a steady pace, drivers now have a considerably wider range of electric cars to choose from. But what if people are hesitant to buy this expensive new technology? Well, Los Angeles-based car startup Canoo seems to have the answer: a subscription-only Read More...