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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Capitalism to the rescue!

Capitalism to the rescue!

What’s the best way to fight poverty in the developing world? Treat people like producers and consumers, argues Bangladeshi entrepreneur Iqbal Quadir. Marco Visscher | April/May 2010 issue Iqbal Quadir has nothing against low salaries. “That’s not a bad thing,” he says calmly, though his Read More...

Interview with Jake de Grazia,

Interview with Jake de Grazia, founder of The Carrot Project

While economic upheaval has caused many businesses to fail, Ode has interviewed several entrepreneurs who have found ways to thrive and remain focused on positive social change. We interviewed them about their companies, how they view the current economic situation, how they define success, and how Read More...

The gospel according to Adam S

The gospel according to Adam Smith

Is doing good compatible with making money? It is if you practise spiritual capitalism. Carleen Hawn| June 2008 issue Art DeLorenzo and I were having a hard time connecting. He’s a 67-year-old retired financial adviser in the New York City area whose budding consulting practice keeps him from Read More...