Today’s Solutions: May 22, 2024

Homemade fermented kombucha tea in a glass jar on a background of a white brick wall.

Here’s how kombucha is helping investigate ETs

Kombucha is a tea of many talents. The drink is made by fermenting sugar with bacteria and yeast cultures, with the result being a health-packed delicious beverage. Due to its unique properties, scientists are researching alternative uses for kombucha, including a kombucha-based wood or using the Read More...

Fruits and vegetables isle in supermarket

Edible coating keeps fresh produce from quickly spoiling

Removing plastic packaging from fruit and vegetables in supermarkets can help reduce a significant amount of plastic waste. However, if you have a product that tends to spoil rapidly once ripe, such as a banana, you will be faced with another problem: food waste. Swapping plastic packaging for a Read More...