Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

Meet Dorothy: 104-year-old bre

Meet Dorothy: 104-year-old breaks skydiving record and inspires us all

Editor's Note: We received an update after publishing this story that Dorothy Hoffman passed days after her 104th birthday was celebrated in this world-record-setting style. She leaves a lasting legacy of inspiration and a reminder to always live life to the fullest! Dorothy Hoffner, a Read More...

World’s oldest person Ka

World's oldest person Kane Tanaka celebrates 119th birthday

This past Sunday, the world’s oldest person, Kane Tanaka, celebrated her 119th birthday in Japan at the nursing home where she lives in Fukuoka prefecture in southwest Japan. Tanaka, whose status as the world’s oldest person was recognized by The Guinness Book of Records in March 2019 when Read More...