Today’s Solutions: June 12, 2024
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Same-sex couple in bedroom with their child.

Colorado law gives LBGTQ+ parents rightful custody over their children

The “Marlo Law” has just been signed by gay Colorado Governor Jared Polis to resolve an unfair legal issue that previously denied same-sex parents legal custody over their own children. The bill was named after Colorado House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar’s child. Esgar gave birth to Marlo Read More...

Xavier Helgesen and Kreece Fuc

Xavier Helgesen and Kreece Fuchs: Promoting literacy through Better World Books

Book enthusiast and actor, Levar Burton, nominates the founders of Better Word Books, a company with a mission to support global literacy. Levar Burton | Jan/Feb 2010 issue Xavier Helgesen and Kreece Fuchs. Co-founders, Better World Books. Goshen, Indiana. Photo: Andy Warzon I was lucky. I Read More...

Adventures in learning

Adventures in learning

At Aventurijn, a small private school in the Netherlands, children decide what to study and how to study it. Ineke Noordhoff | October 2008 issue Fifteen-year-old Jurriaan de Vos doesn’t have to worry about his report card; his school doesn’t give grades. “There is a class schedule,” he Read More...