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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Beautiful woman happy to rip apart a cigarette

Tobacco use in the US continues to decline: Here's why

It’s no secret that cigarette smoking increases an individual’s risk for lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke; it has long been understood as the greatest cause of preventable death. That’s why we’re happy to share that, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control Read More...

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New Zealand's new law prevents tobacco addiction in future generations

According to New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, between 4,000 and 5,000 people die every year in the country from smoking-related illnesses. Even though there’s been a significant decrease in the country’s adult smoking population (down to 13.4 percent of the population from 18.2 percent in Read More...

This designer from India is tu

This designer from India is turning cigarette butts into beautiful vases

Cigarette stubs are the most commonly littered items in the world. In fact, 4.5 trillion of them discarded every year. To draw attention to this little-known fact, Indian designer Sachi Tungare collected five kilograms (11 lbs) of cigarette butts by hand to create a collection of multi-colored Read More...

Group therapy helps people in

Group therapy helps people in prison part ways with cigarettes

People who are incarcerated in American prisons smoke cigarettes and use other tobacco products at disproportionately higher rates than the general adult population, which can be attributed to behavioral health conditions and mental health symptoms. Inmates likely use tobacco products to cope with Read More...

New study finds smokers’s lu

New study finds smokers’s lungs can heal damage after quitting for good

It may not be a secret that smoking causes serious damage to your lungs, but that doesn’t make it any easier for people to kick that habit. Especially if you’ve been smoking heavily for years or even decades, it may seem pointless to try and quit now. However, new research out of the UK begs Read More...