Today’s Solutions: June 16, 2024

People with banners protest as part of a climate change march.

Globally, demonstrators gathered for the biggest scientist-led protest ever

Occasionally, drastic measures are essential to mobilize a population toward necessary progress. Civil disobedience is a proven method of affecting change, and when those disobeying are all experts in a field, we can bet that what they're saying is worth listening to. On Wednesday, April 6th, Read More...

Teens across Europe are ditchi

Teens across Europe are ditching school on Fridays to protest climate inaction

Generation Z, the group that came after Millennials, is often labeled as smartphone-obsessed youth that only care about themselves. If that’s the case, how can anyone explain the youth-led protests taking place across Europe that are urging politicians to act on climate change? Each Friday, teens Read More...