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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Clone mice

Scientists clone first mice from freeze-dried skin cells

Even before Jurassic Park, many have fantasized about cloning endangered animals. Science fiction made this seem too simple, easily copying a complex creature from recovered DNA. Now, that fantastical process is not so far off.  Researchers have cloned the world’s first mice from freeze-dried Read More...

This adorable ferret is the fi

This adorable ferret is the first endangered species ever cloned in the US

In an amazing feat for conservation efforts, researchers have successfully cloned a highly endangered ferret species using the cells of an animal that died more than three decades ago. Meet Elizabeth Ann, the black-footed ferret clone that marks the first time any native endangered species has Read More...

Scientists are turning to stem

Scientists are turning to stem cells to revive Malaysia’s extinct rhinos

Last year marked a tragedy for the world’s rhino populations as Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhino Iman died after years of failed breeding attempts, bringing the endangered species one step closer to extinction. But not all hope is lost as scientists are now trying to use tissues and cells from Read More...

Researchers plan to clone anti

Researchers plan to clone antibodies of COVID-19 patients to fight the virus

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, scientists have been ceaselessly looking for ways to fight back. And while much attention has focused on the development of a vaccine, researchers have also been looking at using antibodies from recovered patients to unlock new treatments for COVID-19. Read More...