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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

A pair of Rens sneakers next to a cup of coffee

Coffee on the go: These sneakers are made out of recycled coffee

While coffee is a popular drink all across the world, it holds a particularly special place in the hearts of Finnish people. According to the International Coffee Organization, Finns consume more coffee than any other nation in the world. But like everywhere else, coffee consumption in Finland Read More...

Use coffee grounds to make you

Use coffee grounds to make your garden even more brew-tiful

Wait! Don’t throw those coffee grounds away! Did you know the leftover grounds from your morning brew can do wonders for your garden? Today we share three ways that coffee grounds boost plant health.  Add grounds to your compost First and foremost, composting your grounds keeps them from Read More...

This company uses coffee and p

This company uses coffee and plastic waste to build affordable homes

Coffee husks — the coffee bean skins that come off during the roasting process — are one of the main types of coffee production waste, which often becomes a source of potent greenhouse gas emissions when they enter the landfill. In a bid to divert them from becoming waste, a company in Read More...

UK scientists turn coffee indu

UK scientists turn coffee industry waste into electricity

Scientists have turned coffee waste into electricity for the first time, in research that could help farmers and curb pollution in the developing world. The coffee industry generates a huge amount of liquid waste during the process of turning the raw material of the tree – the coffee cherries – Read More...