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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

Community garden in Rio de Janeiro

This neighborhood supports one of Latin America’s largest community gardens

The Manguinhos neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro was once a polluted and dangerous area, but thanks to community efforts, the area is now a thriving vegetable garden that feeds 800 families in the city. Made up of 300 beds and the size of four soccer fields, the community garden is one of the Read More...

The Energy Garden empowers com

The Energy Garden empowers commuters to combat climate change

The Energy Garden is a London-based organization that is tackling climate change in a multi-dimensional way that educates and brings London’s communities together through gardening. Since its inception 10 years ago, the Energy Garden has expanded to include 34 solar-powered gardens and more Read More...

Thankful Thursdays: Commemorat

Thankful Thursdays: Commemorating community food

Locally grown food is more sustainable, fresher, and grown by small farmers. Locally grown food cuts down on food waste and reduces transportation emissions. Plus, is there anything more delicious than a freshly picked piece of fruit? During the pandemic, these farms and organizations have kept Read More...