Today’s Solutions: June 12, 2024

Community solar investment als

Community solar investment also provides free WiFi for residents

Rooftop solar is a key solution for generating local renewable energy and helping families cut down on their energy bills, but if you live in an apartment or rent your home, installing solar panels is far less feasible. And that’s without even considering the substantial cost of installation. Read More...

How community solar is pushing

How community solar is pushing New York towards 100% renewables

Even if many New Yorkers would like to power their homes with solar energy, they wouldn’t be able to—unless they own a building and put solar panels on the roof themselves. But as the city pushes for 100 renewables, providing the opportunity for everyday New Yorkers to get involved in solar Read More...

Community solar projects are f

Community solar projects are finally including low-income households

Although community solar projects are on the rise in America, there’s one major flaw: less than half of US community solar projects have any participation from low-income households, and of the projects that do include lower-earning families, only about 5 percent involved a sizable share above 10 Read More...